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The sexy, evil Sandman has returned to VOiiiD to find a new lover/puppet to complete her power couple. 

Curator and Performer: Johanna Lyon



The battle field is harsh,

The battle field is deep.

You loose and re-find your heart,

Time and time again.

Enter through a door of poetry,

Hear the Vikings song,

See the war dance,

The falling and the rising.

See you in the battle field…

Performed and curated by; Maitreyah and Kayah Guenther

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"OPTIC FEEDING" explores the intricacies of perception, viewing, and being viewed. In a world where stealing looks has become an art form, this show delves into the complexities of human interaction and the constant desire for attention. Costuming was  85% repurposed and recycled.

VOiiiD Collective Production

Performer: Lori Favero

Curator and Choreographer: Jade Brider



More. More. More. Sick with greed.

BANSHEE30000 comments on the dystopia now we are living in.

Striving to be the perfect humans through enhancement and algorithms to result in being subjugated of capitalism.

Banshee3000 was created during a House Conspiracy Residency this year in conjunction with painting, marking 10585 days. It is a self-portrait I completed as I turned 29, with the intention of eradicating idealized perfection. The costume used was repurposed and recycled, making up 80% of the final piece.

VOiiiD Collective Production

Curator and Performer: Jade Birder

SLIME (12 of 34).JPG


Join us as we peel back different masks, shedding layers of false pretence and destroying anything with designs on making female-gendered bodies more palatable. Conceptualised and choreographed by Jade Brider, LAMINA personifies the individual struggle against a system that perpetuates damaging ideals. 

Not afraid of venturing into the grotesque, the hybrid of absurd eisteddfod wives meeting high art clashing with pop culture creates an unforgettable visual feast for a performance not to be missed.

VOiiiD Collective Production

Performers: Nadia Milford and Soleil Harvey

Choreographer: Jade Birder



Combining experimental movement, mark-making and predicament bondage scenarios, Micah Rustichelli explores the tension between struggle and control within their body. Taking a non-figurative approach to portraiture the artist records the experiences of the body as marks on a canvas when in this state.

Curator and Performer:  Micah Rustichelli

01.Micah Rusitchelli_QueerBall22.jpg




Adam Plant is a visual artist, composer, and guy who yells on stage for money. Adam's genre-bending work is a bizarre brew of satire and complexity which often holds a distorted mirror to society. Adam's recent works include his stage show "Exceptionally Mediocre Stand-Up" as well as his upcoming album "Baby V World".




Existing deep in the framework of Meanjin’s (Brisbane) dance music community. A smooth operator and omnipotent binding agent of mind, body and frequency. For 10+ years Benny has provided an integral service to the city through his co-run entity; A Love Supreme. An institution with a clear intention of pushing the underground - melding diverse sounds and cultures in an environment conducive to maximum enjoyment. His service stretches beyond the city limits, His meticulous curation finding a regular home on Naarm’s Skylab Radio airways as well as playing as far as Japan & Switzerland.


This intention is fiercely shared in his refreshingly unpredictable and reliably left-field selections. An undeniable jazz, soul and house enthusiast, yet above all taking true care in understanding the flow of the dance floor he has the privilege to soundtrack. Benny's love and respect for all cultures with music at their heart sees a bright collage of genre and energy, forged together with a forward facing optimism untethered to traditional constraints. This approach has been perfectly presented in warm ups for the likes of Floating Points, Hunee, Jamie Tiller & John Gomez.



In her recent work, Breath No Longer Breath, Chloe Delmargo interrogates the threshold between personal and external space. In her experience, personal space expands and retracts through and beyond the body, like breath. She feels as though it contracts into her diaphragm during times of discomfort and expands beyond her body in times of love and belonging. In this way, it mimics her breath. In breath, air is drawn in and released outwards, and this process of breathing seems to also parallel her process of drawing.

Delmargo internally fragments her external reference (her bedroom window), gravitating to different patches of detail. She then uses drawing to breath these fragments back out, and onto physical media.

Because she is considering personal space as unconfined to her physical body, she’s sourced from Anne Friedberg’s The Virtual Window in which she explains Cartesian Perspectivism. Cartiesian Perspectivism considers a viewer’s sense of separation from both their body and the external space that they view – as if this space were painted (or created through Albertian perspective). This raises the question as to where the viewer is, and as to what the viewer is reduced to, when distinguished from their body and their surroundings.



Johanna (she/her) is cabaret comedian and actor known for her grubby but soul-bearing comedy. Jo's recent satire cabaret "Borishiva: Bad to the Bone" toured the 2022 Fringe Festival circuit to great punter & critic acclaim. She aims to explore love and expose discrimination through laugh.

Johanna Lyon.jpg


Jade(she/her) is a freelance dancer practitioner, clown and visual artist who founded VOiiiD Collective at the beginning of 2022. Currently based on Meanjin Country, she has an ever-growing inquisitiveness towards multidisciplinary performance and collaborating with an extensive range of artists. Her interests draw on modes of mixing mediums of dance, visual art and installation with the body as a starting point for exploring liminality. She has a BA honours from London Contemporary Dance School and is a self-taught visual artist under the name Human Scaffold.

Jade has absolutely loved the last year of creating this company with the help of some amazing fellow artists. She feels incredibly fortunate for all the support VOiiiD has received and eagerly anticipates sharing with you the eccentric event: Welcome to VOiiiD: Licensed to be WEIRD at HOTA! 



Kayah and Maitreyah are a brother and sister duo based in the northern rivers. They are dance/ theatre performers. They work closely with The Farm. Their work is inspired by truth, how the world copes with difference, and the questions we need to start asking. 

They dance from the depths of their soul, through the anger and the joy. To display the human journey, and that we are all in fact just trying to find our way.

FOR JADE .jpeg


Lori is a creative artist and dancer based in the Brisbane and Gold Coast industry and is drawn to many creative outlets. She started dance at 3 years old and has trained various styles from ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap and cabaret. She has also leaned into her new love for street styles and experimental movement in dance, letting her creativity shine through as she combines her training and love for these styles into her movement. 

Since travelling and performing in the commercial and cabaret industry for the last 4 years, Lori has found new passion in tapping into her own energy to explore a more vulnerable artistry and to share emotions and stories. This new mindset for her career is exciting and she is humbled to find more inspiration along the way; hopefully inspiring others through her art.  



Micah (they/them) is a Meanjin-based, multidisciplinary artist working primarily in

painting, drawing and performance art. Since 2016 Rustichelli has been developing

an expanded practice which investigates the role of the self and the body in relation

to art making. Through a combination of experimental movement, physical

limitations, apparatuses, and predicament challenges the artist is exploring how

certain states of the body and mind affect flow state and the production of an


14.Micah Rusitchelli_D23.jpg


Maitreyah (she/her) is an artist from regional New South Whales. Pursuing dancing, theatre, acting, writing and poetry. Her work and curiosity stems from the human journey, how the world copes with difference and she is incredibly motivated to create works that lead to change and self-reflection. Attending many workshops over the years and training and performing with The Farms youth Ensemble Greenhouse. Including Wonder: Return to Earth 2020. In 2019 performing a duet performance with her brother Kayah in Glasgow (at the world Down Syndrome conference). The same year she co-choreographed the first development of Glass Child with her Brother Kayah. Supported by Gavin Webber Kate Harman and award winning play wright Suzie Miller. Glass Child has had 2 seasons at HOTA and Premiered at QPAC 2023 and tours 2024.



Nadia (she/her) is a dance artist who uses the intrinsic language of the body to promote empowerment and compassionate perspectives. She pollinates her practice with film, theatre, installation and new technology. With movement as a genesis for her creativity, Nadia’s work connects at sensory touchpoints.



Soleil (she/her) is a contemporary dancer, aerialist and teacher based in Meanjin (Brisbane) who loves creating and learning. She attained an Advanced Diploma in Dance in 2018 through ADPI (Australian Dance and Performance Institute) and completed Sydney Dance Company's Pre-Professional Year in 2019. Since then she has worked independently, performing in ‘Colossus' by Stephanie Lake for Sydney Festival 2020, 'SAND' by Courtney Scheu and Itamar Freed as a part of Horizon Festival 2022, Brisbane Festival 2022 and various aerial shows both as a soloist and an ensemble member. Soleil finds herself in the exploration of her early career and looks forward to developing and deepening her creative practice.

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