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LAMINA, an electrifying contemporary dance double bill by VOiiiD Collective, pulses with energy as it unveils the layers of societal norms, diving headfirst into the patriarchy. Conceptualised and choreographed by Jade Brider, LAMINA fearlessly dismantles anything aiming to make female-identifying bodies more palatable. It lays bare the falsehoods we cloak ourselves in and courageously questions the status quo, advocating for authenticity over conformity.


Choreographer: Jade Brider

Dancers: Soleil Harvey, Nadia Milford, Asher Bowen-Saunders, Georgia Pierce and Bella Hood.

Music: Bcharre, Matthew French, Nick Cave, Gabriel Faure, and T-shirts & Sweats.


The creation of Lamina is supported by Studio1, Arts Coast, Phluxus2 Dance Collective, LJ Projects, Mad Dance House, House Conspiracy and Promenade Dance Studios.




Soleil is a contemporary dancer, aerialist and teacher based in Meanjin (Brisbane) who loves creating and learning. She attained an Advanced Diploma in Dance in 2018 through ADPI (Australian Dance and Performance Institute) and completed Sydney Dance Company's Pre-Professional Year in 2019. Since then she has performed in 'Colossus' by Stephanie Lake for Sydney Festival 2020, 'SAND' by Courtney Scheu and Itamar Freed as a part of Horizon Festival 2022, various aerial shows both as a soloist and an ensemble since 2015 and earlier this year facilitated her own research residency funded by the Sunshine Coast Arts Council. Soleil finds herself in the exploration of her early career and looks forward to developing and deepening her creative practice. 

Check out what Soleil has got coming up





Nadia Milford is an interdisciplinary dance artist and performer who pollinates her practice with film, theatre, installation and new technology. With movement as a genesis for her creativity, Nadia engages people in immersive experiences that connect at sensory touchpoints. Drawing on a diverse blend of styles and practices, Nadia uses dance as a movement for empowerment and togetherness.

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Asher is a contemporary movement artist, creative activist and bodywork therapist. Through her art she intends to build appreciation between people, other species and the natural world, inspiring lifestyle changes toward a more sustainable, connected and wholesome way of living. Her practice draws from diverse forms of dance, circus, performance art, and physical theatre giving her an unusual physical language which she uses to speak to elements of social and environmental change. She graduated QUT (BFA Dance Performance, Distinction) in 2013 and has since been working with Australian companies and independent artists including Broad Encounters, Strut Dance, Phluxus2 Dance Collective, Voiiid Collective, Ochre, SPRUNG!! Integrated Theatre, Russall Beattie Presents, Prying Eye, Lisa Wilson, Melissa Lanham, Courtney Scheu, Penny Mullen and Gareth Belling. She is currently in development of a solo full-length live work.


You can find her most recent short film, 'Call To The Stone', online or explore her environmental education work at



Georgia is a dance performer, maker and teacher based in Meanjin (Brisbane) with a playful practice incorporating dance film and exploring visceral musicality. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance Performance) from QUT and has performed both locally and internationally - including at Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance (Brisbane), Elektra Festival (Montreal), Beijing Dance Festival and Ars Electronica Festival (Linz). Most recently, Georgia has performed in Brisbane Festival and featured in a dance film by Jaime Redfern through Griffith Film School and Queensland Conservatorium of Music, as well as developing work with VOiiiD  collective. 

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Jade (she/her) is an established performer, artist and the director of VOiiiD Collective. Currently based on Meanjin Country, she has an ever-growing inquisitiveness towards multidisciplinary performance and collaborating with an extensive range of artists.


Since graduating London Contemporary Dance School, Jades performance career highlights include: dancing for Yorke Dance Project, dancing in the Cohan Collective 3 years running; dancing in the SS19 Charles Jeffrey Fashion Show; clowning for Compare the Market; Acting as Rosie for 'Things I know to be True' by Centenary Theatre, dancing for Phluxus2 Dance Collective, dancing for musician Paloma Faith; dancing for band 'Choomba'; and dancing for Sketch London.


As a collaborator, choreographer and movement director, career highlights include: choreographing for the music video "Sultana" by Krista Papista; collaborating for two short films "Virtual Lovers' and "Logging onto Love" with director Kate Davis; collaborating with Ryan Latimer and the Workers Union Ensemble on the film “Soapwort”; and being assistant movement director for the AW16 Paul Smith Fashion Show.  

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