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As part of VOiiiD Collectives work LAMINA, the film delves into the complexities of communication, highlighting the myriad ways in which individuals attempt to convey their refusal, only to have it dismissed or ignored. Through evocative imagery and nuanced storytelling, "NPB" challenges societal norms and prompts viewers to question the importance of honoring consent and boundaries.

VOiiiD Collective Film

Music :No Pussy Blues by Ginderman

Director and Choreography: Jade Brider

Performer: Soleil Harvey

Videography and Edit:  Adam Plant

The making of this film was thanks to the DAANCE. HERE. NOW. initiative by Arts Coast and LJ Projects. 

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A dance film that speaks to where we are as a species and how we’ve arrived here; our collective narrative told with gentle potency to bring awareness, lighten our spirits and walk each other home to our connected Origin? What is it like to inhabit your body? What world do you ache for?

This film was created across Barunggam, Yuggera, Dainggatti, Biripi, Waka Waka and Bundjalung Countries and we honour the original custodians of these beautiful places. We pay deep respect to elders past, present and emerging; acknowledging that sovereignty was never ceded on this land that we are blessed to live on. May this film contribute to the remembrance of our oneness.

Film Director / Artist: Jesse Bowen-Saunders

Producer: Asher Bowen-Saunders

Choreography: Asher Bowen-Saunders/ Ché Pritchard

Dancers / Actors: Asher Bowen-Saunders/ Ché Pritchard

Cinematography: Jesse Bowen-Saunders

Editing: Jesse Bowen-Saunders

Animation: Jesse Bowen-Saunders

Sound Design: Jesse Bowen-Saunders/ Josh Nadler

Music: Josh Nadler

Script/ Narration: Rasul Louisa Bravo

Year of Production: 2021

Country of Production: Australia

Running Time: 8:40



Digital technology has extended our agency beyond time and space. The fluidity of embodiment means we are no longer confined to our ‘organic’ bodies, but rather exist through and across interactions of multiple media. These digital environments give rise to a new form of subjectivity that raises questions about identity, ownership, and consent. The Dupe is an experimental dance film that invites you to think: when does playfulness and exploration become about power and control?


Director & Producer: Kate Davis

Creative Producer: Phillip Warnell (The Visible Institute at Kingston School of Art)

Dancers: Holly Brogan and Ben Todd-Jones

Cinematographer: Scott Buxton

Choreographer: Jade Brider

Editor: Daniel Hearn

This work was produced for New Creatives, supported by Arts Council England and BBC Arts.

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Oveer+Zealous was curated as a progress film of the making of LAMINA in June 2022. The making of this film was thanks to the DAANCE. HERE. NOW. initiative by Arts Coast and LJ Projects. 


VOiiiD Collective Film
Director and Choreographer: Jade Brider
Camera Operator and Editor: Adam Plant
Featuring: Georgia Pierce and Asher Bowen-Saunders
Music: Ave Maria performed by Alessandro Moreschi (Recorded 1902-1904)

This residency is a part of DANCE.HERE.NOW in partnership with @_ljprojectsaus . DANCE.HERE.NOW is an initiative of @artscoast and funded by The Regional Arts Development Fund.

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More. More.  More.


Comments on the dystopia now we are living in. Striving to be the perfect humans through enhancement and algorithms to result in our subjugation by robots.

Music: Money: T-Shirts and Sweats

Direction, Performance and Head Sculpture: Jade Brider

Videography and Edit: Sebastian Velasquez 



House Sitting is a short dance film made in 1 week (4 days being paralysed by stress + 1 day each of planning, filming and editing) while house/dog sitting for my lovely Aunty. It was made as part of the -Scape Digital Residency for Supercell Dance Festival 2021 and features the song ‘Man on my Shoulder’ by Capiche (Alex Pierce). 

Curator and Featuring: Georgia Pierce 

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Uprooted from the cracks of tarmac and fern flitches, the SOAPWORT slinks and glitches through liquid life, full-suds and fanciful. Dappled with dew and sewer stains, this windpuff-bonnet of folly-froth reigns and self-seeds in a world of wet concrete and weeds. 

Performed by Jade Brider 
Music by Ryan Latimer 

Sound Mixing by Luke Morrish-Thomas 
Filmed by Kristian Šantić Edited by Jade Brider 
Featuring Workers Union Ensemble 
Anna Durance – Cor Anglais 
Ellie Steemson– Saxophone 
Caz Wolfson – Percussion 
Joley Cragg – Percussion 
Edward Pick – Piano 
Mercedes Cartwright – Double Bass 

Produced by Jade Brider, Ryan Latimer and Anna Durance 
Supported by Workers Union Ensemble Audience Commissioning Fund

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I feel you hold me,


I’m sorry.

Short film created as part of Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance program.

Director, Performer and Editor: Nadia Milford

Cinematographer: Dani Cabs

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VisAble Knott

Blurb: How do you express the complexities, while challenging the stereotypes of living with OCD? Through movement, light and sound, mental health advocate, Josh Di Nucci, and artist, Nadia Milford, capture the depth and intricacies of living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

(OCD). This creative dance piece explores the duality of ritualism; from initial comfort to anxious entrapment, while instilling hope for those living with obsessions and compulsions.

Created for Headspace’s Visable program funded by the Australian Government Department of Health, and supported by a cross-sector group comprising of Batyr, Beyond Blue, Black Dog Institute, Butterfly Foundation, Consumers Health Forum of Australia, Mind, Orygen, ReachOut and SANE Australia.


Creative Director / Performer - Nadia Milford @Nadia.milford

Director - Alec Schultz @aleccccc

DoP - Mark Broadbent @markbroadbent

Sound / Animation - Joseph Burgess @burgessburgessburgess and


Production Designer - Marnie ‘Manga” Pankowski @

Gaffer - Jono Voyce @

1st AC - Connal Plunket @connal.plunkett

Grip/Superstar - Nils ’Smilschon’ Nilsson @nilssonfilms

HMU - Steve Mena @steve_mena

Key Best Finance/Runner - Sapphire De Goede - @sapphiredegoede

Art Dept Assistants - Henry and Anna - @henryschultzz

BTS - Emilia Lau @emz_imagery

Key Stunt Rigger - Beau Karolos @lifeofbeauhan

Lemac rentals @lemac_australia

Grip Equipment - Grunt Gripping + 'Daddy’ Hamish @

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VOiiiD Collective Film
Director: Jade Brider

Producer: Karina White
Camera Operator and Editor: Adam Plant
Featuring: Georgia Pierce  Karina White, Asher Bowen-Saunders, Matthew French,  Nerida Matthaei,  Charles Ball, Jade Ellis,  Josh Mclean, Tadhg Parker,  Phoebe Manning and Jade Brider.

Space: The Paint Factory Yeronga

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DANCE.HERE.NOW. Residency Highlights

VOiiiD Collective Film
Director and Choreographer: Jade Brider
Featuring: Georgia Pierce and Soleil Harvey

Editor: Timothy Birch Studio

Videographer: Hayden Franklin

This residency is a part of DANCE.HERE.NOW in partnership with @_ljprojectsaus . DANCE.HERE.NOW is an initiative of @artscoast and funded by The Regional Arts Development Fund.

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