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LAMINA is an evening of heart pounding contemporary dance and physical theatre. This independently produced work is brought to you by Meanjin’s most exciting collective of misfits and mischief makers; the VOiiiD Collective. 

Join us as we peel back different masks, shedding layers of false pretence and destroying anything with designs on making female-gendered bodies more palatable. Conceptualised and choreographed by Jade Brider, LAMINA personifies the individual struggle against a system that perpetuates damaging ideals. 

Not afraid of venturing into the grotesque, the hybrid of absurd eisteddfod wives meeting high art clashing with pop culture creates an unforgettable visual feast for a performance not to be missed. 

VOiiiD Collective acknowledges that we make work on the unceeded lands of the Jagera and Turrbal people. We pay our respect to those custodians who have maintained connection to country and shared stories through song and dance since the very first sunrise. To this day, no treaty has been signed. It always was and always will be aboriginal land.

Choreographer: Jade Brider

Producer: Karina White

Dancers: Soleil Harvey, Nadia Milford, Asher Bowen-Saunders, Georgia Pierce and Jade Brider 

Music: Matthew French, Nick Cave, Barbatula, Gabriel Faure, and T-shirts & Sweats.

Lighting: Sarah Connolly

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More. More. More. Sick with greed.

BANSHEE30000 comments on the dystopia now we are living in.

Striving to be the perfect humans through enhancement and algorithms to result in being subjugated of capitalism.

Banshee3000 was created during a House Conspiracy Residency this year in conjunction with painting, marking 10585 days. It is a self-portrait I completed as I turned 29, with the intention of eradicating idealized perfection. The costume used was repurposed and recycled, making up 80% of the final piece.

Curator and Performer: Jade Birder

Filmed: Astro Brisbane


"OPTIC FEEDING" explores the intricacies of perception, viewing, and being viewed. In a world where stealing looks has become an art form, this show delves into the complexities of human interaction and the constant desire for attention. Costuming was  85% repurposed and recycled.

Performer: Lori Favero

Curator and Choreographer: Jade Brider

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